Intratympanic Autologous Blood Patches: A Conservative Therapy for Traumatic Perilymphatic Fistulas

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Mahnoor Khan MD
University of South Florida


Mahnoor Khan


A perilymphatic fistula is an abnormal communication between the middle ear or mastoid and the inner ear. Trauma is a well-documented etiology of this pathology. We discuss a 10 yr old male who presented with unilateral hearing loss, vertigo and tinnitus after getting hit with a baseball to his left ear. The patient underwent an intratympanic autologous blood patch with complete resolution of his complaints. Although, intratympanic autologous blood patches have limited data, the procedure appears to be a cost-effective option to pursue before surgical intervention.


Discuss a pediatric case of a unilateral perilymphatic fistula following trauma

Review the pathophysiology of a traumatic perilymphatic fistulas

Examine the therapy options for perilymphatic fistulas and the role of intratympanic autologous blood patches in management with a review of the limited published data.