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EXPO Product Theatre 2 | PhotoniCare | The OtoSight Middle Ear Scope – a superior solution

  • EXPO Experience
  • Breakout Lecture

Sunday, November 13, 2022

7:30 AM - 7:50 AM

The Boca Raton Royal Palm Ballroom - Theatre 2

Session Description

OtoSightâ„¢ Middle Ear Scope was developed for healthcare providers seeking a superior solution to assess pediatric and adult middle ear issues non-invasively. With a remarkable 90+% reader accuracy in determining the presence or absence of fluid in the middle ear, the OtoSight eliminates subjectivity and speculation by providing patients CLEAR, OBJECTIVE PROOF of middle ear fluid turbidity, even in the presence of earwax. Innovative practices demand the latest technology, come and see to learn more!

This is a non-CME event sponsored by PhotoniCare.