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Cameron McIntosh

Cameron McIntosh, MD

Managing Director , Dr Cameron McIntosh Inc

About Cameron McIntosh

Dr Cameron McIntosh is a double Board Certified ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty (Nose Job Surgery). He is the founding president of the Society of Rhinoplasty Surgeons of South Africa (SORSSA). Dr McIntosh is committed to precision surgery and is passionate about Rhinoplasty averaging 5 Rhinoplasty procedures per week. He travels extensively overseas to keep improving his skill and imparting them with others to be able to offer his patients the best service he can. His state-of-the-art practice offers specialized equipment such as 3D imaging, 4 Phase Rhinomanometry and a digital health recording system. Dr McIntosh places the utmost emphasis on his patient’s well-being and includes them in each and every step of their treatment.