R. Peter Manes

R. Peter Manes, MD, is committed to improving the lives of patients with nasal and sinus disorders, including chronic sinusitis, as well as cancerous and noncancerous nasal and sinus tumors. He specializes in using a minimally invasive approach whenever possible, so patients will not have any facial scars. “I appreciate the fact that I can help with quality-of-life issues for my patients,” says Dr. Manes.
As a rhinologist, Dr. Manes has completed additional training to gain expertise specifically in the treatment of nasal and sinus disorders. At Yale Medicine, Dr. Manes handles everything from evaluating new patients to performing surgeries. Despite a busy schedule, he takes time to build up trust with each patient. “Patients need to trust me before they can buy in to anything I recommend,” he says.
Dr. Manes is an associate professor of surgery at Yale School of Medicine who also conducts research on emerging surgical technologies. A particular interest of his is research on how to improve the management of chronic sinusitis, a common condition in adults characterized by difficulty breathing through the nose.
Dr. Manes is also a key member of an interdisciplinary team of specialists who treat patients with pituitary adenoma, a specific type of brain tumor. Working in collaboration with Yale Medicine’s neurosurgery team, Dr. Manes performs the beginning of the complex surgery needed to remove these tumors by guiding surgical instruments through the nasal passages to the pituitary gland located at the base of the skull.