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Aniket Saoji

Aniket Saoji, PhD

Director, Cochlear Implants , Mayo Clinic

About Aniket Saoji

Aniket A. Saoji, Ph.D., is a clinical audiologist and the director of the cochlear implant program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. One of Dr. Saoji's research goals involves reducing the number of clinical visits needed for postoperative cochlear implant rehabilitation and increasing and improving the use of telemedicine in remote programming and troubleshooting cochlear implants. He is also interested in developing new tools and technologies that can improve cochlear implant outcomes. Dr. Saoji is involved in the development of a new technique that can monitor inner ear trauma during cochlear implant surgery. Use of this technique is likely to guide electrode placement and improve residual acoustic hearing preservation in cochlear implants. Dr. Saoji has his Ph.D. in Hearing Sciences, from the Psychoacoustic laboratory, Center for Hearing and Deafness, State University of New York.