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Kari Smilsky

Kari Smilsky, M.CI.Sc

Cochlear Implant Audiologist , Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

About Kari Smilsky

Kari Smilsky is an audiologist who has been employed at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto for the past twenty-two years. She has worked with the Cochlear Implant Program since 2006. Kari holds a Masters of Clinical Science Degree from the University of Western Ontario in Communication Disorders and a Bachelor of Science Degree from McMaster University. In additional to working clinically with cochlear implant patients, Kari’s research interests include bilateral cochlear implants, single-sided deafness, auditory brainstem implants, hearing preservation, and the expansion of cochlear implant candidacy. Through her involvement in the Canadian Cochlear Implant Centres Group, Kari has been involved in the development of national clinical standards for bilateral cochlear implant candidacy and provision of cochlear implants for single-sided deafness.