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CapTel Captioned Telephone

About CapTel Captioned Telephone

Help your patients enjoy telephone conversations confident they will catch every word with a CapTel® Captioned Telephone. The industry leader, CapTel shows word-for-word captions of everything a caller says – like captions on TV, for telephone phone calls. CapTel is the ultimate phone for people with hearing loss. As the inventor of the technology, CapTel phones offer unparalleled sound quality and amplification, and easy-to-use features like Bluetooth® wireless technology, a built-in answering machine that shows captions of messages, speakerphone, and a one-touch Help line available 24/7. CapTel is the only captioned telephone company that has different telephone models to suit any lifestyle, ranging from contemporary touch-screen displays, traditional telephone models, or extra-large display screens for easy reading. Phones available that work with the Internet or for people who don’t have Internet access. Free installation assistance. Made in America from worldwide components.