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About TrackableMed

We accelerate patient demand. TrackableMed is a medical marketing agency and strategic partner for specialty practices and MedTech companies. With a service model rooted in behavioral science, our team has a proven track record for acquiring patients and booking new cases nearly twice as fast and at a higher return than the competition—resulting in predictable, trackable growth for our medical industry clients. We believe our industry has been long overdue for a dose of accountability. MedTech leaders, specialty physicians, and medical industry professionals have been led to believe that it takes an extraordinary amount of time and money to get results from your marketing and advertising efforts. But they're wrong! At TrackableMed, we help you avoid the frustration of lost advertising dollars by transforming your efforts into a marketing center that improves results for both patients and your business. Rather than blasting “branding” messages into the marketplace, we’ve built a proprietary growth formula that allows us to gather patient and industry insights in a matter of weeks—getting your campaigns off the ground and directly in front of potential patients to test, iterate and generate results in the fastest time possible. Result Examples: - Doubling the size of a specialty practice's patient volume - Immediately creating over $500,000/month in procedure reimbursement revenue for an ENT practice - Expanding a practice's business model to a national level To learn more about how we can help you create predictable, trackable growth, book a free consultation with our team.